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Barrister’s Recap

By Pooja Shah What is better than a room full of law students elegantly dressed in gowns and tuxes, free booze during a four-hour open bar, decent finger foods and fantastic music? Nothing really. Barrister’s Ball this year was undoubtedly flawless. … [Read More...]

ADR Now Exclusive with Moot Court & Journals.

By Jasleen Chandhoke, 2L Following changes stemming from Administration, Cardozo’s well-known Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Team is now the ADR Competition Honor Society (“Team”), and exclusive with the Moot Court Honors Society and Journals. The Team … [Read More...]

I Dated Someone From My Section

By: Anonymous It sounded like a good idea at the time. The heart-fluttering moments of seeing her in class, the ease with which we could make excuses to hang out by claiming that we were studying, and the illicitness of the secret, were all irresistible. … [Read More...]

What Your Study Space Says About You

By: CeCe Cole, 1L Law school consists of 70% studying, 10% finding somewhere to study, 10% complaining about studying, and 10% doing everything in your power to avoid studying. Your study place is sacred, sometimes secretive, and always within 500 feet … [Read More...]