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“The Interview” Wreaks Havoc Across The U.S.

By Melissa Glassman, 1L Never has a movie caused as much uproar as the film released in December, The Interview. Just like any other movie, the previews were created to entice viewers to flock to theaters; however, this movie hit the international … [Read More...]

Celebrity Legal Review

By Jaimie Wolman, 2L Melissa Rivers Sues Yorkville Endoscopy Melissa Rivers has filed a lawsuit against Yorkville Endoscopy, the facility that performed the procedure that resulted in Joan River’s death. The lawsuit alleges medical malpractice because … [Read More...]

Tess Holiday: A Major Plus for the Modeling Industry

By Pooja Shah, 2L When it comes to body image and weight-related stereotypes, there’s no surprise that the media has portrayed “skinny” as equivalent to “beautiful”- that is, until the gorgeous, voluptuous and confident plus-size model Tess Holliday came … [Read More...]