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Gilded India

By Jasleen Chandhoke, 3L I recently returned from a trip to Northern India where I attended my cousin’s wedding. It was my first time in over 10 years revisiting India, and I have to say, not much has changed. India, to me, is its own version of Jekyll … [Read More...]

A New New Year’s Resolution

By Avery Nickerson, 2L Ah, New Year’s Day. Those wonderful 24 hours that I spend eating KFC and watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon, telling myself that tomorrow I will start running and eating healthy. My family has a special New Year’s Eve tradition to … [Read More...]

Tis’ the Season to be Thankful

By CeCe Cole, 2L As we say goodbye to our turkey and stuffing, we quickly say hello to Christmas markets, latkes, and the overall holiday spirit. As the smell of candy canes and pine fills the air, so does the stress of finals, the pressure of succeeding, … [Read More...]

Zuccotti Park_11-11-11_D.M. GAINES

Can Democracy Survive Millennials?

By Marc Goldgrub, 3L In the recent American federal election, millennials voted for Clinton 55% vs. 37% for Trump. Not enough, however, turned out to vote in swing states to make up for older Trump voters. A common explanation for the disappointing … [Read More...]