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Celebrity Legal Review

By Jaimie Wolman, 2L Not So Blurred Lines The lines weren’t blurred to the jurors of this case. A federal jury found that the famous 2013 song “Blurred Lines,” by Pharrell Williams and … Read Full Article

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Cardozo Etiquette 101, Unit 6

By Professor Learned Hand with Teaching Assistant Jonathan Wilcon, 3L Welcome to class, everybody. We left off discussing Laws of the Library, and some of the more offensive behaviors one can engage in while in the sanctity of such a peaceful place. Before … [Read More...]


Making a Career Out of Human Rights

By Alison O'Brien, 2L When I arrived at Cardozo in 2013, I was certain I wanted to study international law. For me, working to represent U.S. interests alone would not be satisfying. Rather, I wanted to work to improve U.S. relations in the … [Read More...]

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NYC Yellow Cabs are in Uber Trouble

By William Sweet, 2L Since its founding in 2011, Uber — a private car and rideshare company — has exploded onto streets across the globe. Nowhere is this more apparent than in New York City, where Uber has become a mainstay in New Yorkers’ … [Read More...]

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The Crisis of ISIS and its Impact on Women

By Alexandra Douglas, 3L In February of this year, ISIS — or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — published a manifesto for women living under their rule. Translated from its original Arabic by the anti-militant group Quilliam, the document says that it … [Read More...]